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JP Bolwahnn leading a weightlifting seminar in Recife, Brazil.

I’m excited to hear about your partnership ideas to create amazing content for the Higher Level Coaching fans.

My garage gym “JP’s Iron Palace”

As a former Navy SEAL that has a long history with coaching, strength and conditioning, and competing in various sports at a high level. I can help you reach your fitness goals. No doubt about it. If you want it… I can help you.

I’m a self-development junkie! I’m always looking to improve my life in one way or another through books, podcasts, courses. etc. Particular areas of interest are leadership, accountability, motivation, and life coaching.

Everything I learn, that I find useful, I will pass on to you.

Higher Level Coaching

Weight Loss and Life Coaching

  • 3 month Transformation Remote Group Coaching = $897
  • 3 month Transformation 1-on-1 Remote Coaching = $2,697

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