About Higher Level Coaching

Being the best human you can be, requires self-reflection and massive action to take steps towards being a better person.   I’m JP Bolwahnn and I started Higher Level Coaching to help guide professionals to live their highest quality of life.  We do this by uncovering limiting beliefs and rewriting our thought process.  

Have you ever wondered:

  • “How do I train so that I can lose weight?”
  • “What are the best foods to eat for fat loss?”
  • “How do I stay on track when chasing my goals?”
  • “How do I create unreasonable goals?”
  • “How do I develop mental toughness?”
  • “How do I get my first pull up?”
  • “How do I develop speed and power? ” 
  • “How do I develop a mindset that will allow me to accomplish anything I put my mind to?”

Over the years, I have developed a passion for learning about how to be the best person I can be.   My whole life has been about chasing dreams and giving everything I have into making them happen.   I became a Navy SEAL at the age of 19.  I then spent 13 years working with the most amazing hard-charging humans to be put on this planet. 

These 13 years formed in me an undying desire to seek challenges and to be the best version of myself that I can be.   

I then played international Rugby at 31 years old and then played D1 College football as a running back from 32-35 years old.

I know how to create unreasonable goals and make them a reality! I want to share my experiences with you so that you can create unreasonable goals and make them your reality!

I believe we all need a little push sometimes.  Whether that comes from me, or better yet, yourself.  Subscribe to Higher Level Coaching to see what I’m working on and what types of things you can do to improve your life.  

My goal with this blog is to create a community where people come to learn how to live a life that is effective, active, and full of purpose.  Is this you?