Fear of Failure

Many people don’t pursue goals out of fear of failure or out of fear of rejection. The story we tell ourselves is that this isn’t possible, or this is unreasonable, or what will they think when I tell them I’m want to do “blank”? All great accomplishments probably sound like crazy thoughts to most people before they actually happen.

This doesn’t stop great people from going for them!

I recently attacked on of my “crazy” childhood goals

Before January 2019, I didn’t know a whole lot about bodybuilding competitions. I had secretly thought about it several times and it actually had been a childhood dream at one time. Over the years, I focused more on performance and how that would help me with sports. I never really thought about bodybuilding.

Some people came into my life that renewed this interest and I decided to go for it. I didn’t know the first thing about how a competition works or even the different categories. I always thought it was just one category. Turns out there are several categories, with weight classes, height classes, and different trunks.

I knew almost zero, but that didn’t stop me from signing up to do my first competition in April.

Unexpected results from going for it.

It was great that my body was shredded and I performed well for my first competition. But what I learned during that time helped me professionally. Between January and April I learned so much about fat loss, the art of posing for bodybuilding, and food discipline. My bodybuilding coach taught me how to move my body and help keep my on track. If you would have told me that I had 20+ pounds of fat on body that I needed to lose, I would have said you were crazy.

The experience, the skills, and the knowledge I gained in those four months have made me a better coach for my clients. I can speak from a place of confidence and I know exactly what it takes to get as lean as I did for the competition.

Get out of your comfort zone

I could have easily passed on doing the competition and remained comfortable doing what I normally do. This is a common story for many of us. We have dreams or goals that we don’t tell anyone out of fear or rejection. Many of these dreams have been with us since childhood.

We don’t tell anyone because we are scared of what they might think or what they might say. As a result, these dreams go unaccomplished and remain thoughts in our minds.

I challenge you

Right now! Ask yourself!

  • What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
  • What would I do if I wasn’t afraid of being rejected?

If you like this article or found this inspiring, then the best compliment you can give me, is to share it with people you know who need this reminder.

Author: jpbolwahnn

JP is a Former Navy SEAL coaching professionals to their highest quality of life through health and mental performance.

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