Don’t Be Realistic!

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One thing I can stand is when someone tells me, “I’m not negative, I’m realistic.”

Great!  Live your average life doing what you and everyone else thinks you can do.

Screw that!   Amazing things happen every day by people who choose to think of things that were previously unimaginable. It wasn’t long ago where cell phones didn’t exist. Now we have handheld devices that can make video calls to places on the other side of the earth!   How crazy is that?  People are talking about going to Mars and living there!

If I was realistic I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I have done up to this point in my life.

If I was realistic I never would have become a Navy SEAL.   More 80% fail out of training.   Who would think its realistic for a kid that is 5’5 145 pounds from the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, having never swum competitively or run long distances, to sign up for the Navy and become a Navy SEAL at the age of 19?  Nobody!   I can still remember laughing at me when I said I was going into the Navy to become a Navy SEAL.  I went to BUD/S at 18 years old and graduated in October of 1996.   I then went on to my first team as a 19 year FNG.   You can look up that acronym if you don’t already know it.  I was the youngest guy at my team for 2-3 years.  I turned 21 in Sniper school!  I then spent the next 10 years of my life being surrounded by some of the most amazing humans I have ever been surrounded by.   Guys in the Teams are extreme in whatever they choose.

If I was realistic I would never have accomplished my dream of playing D1 football.  Who would put money on a 33-year-old being able to make it to D1 FCS school and play football as a running back?   Probably not many people.   I worked my ass off to get in football shape and work on my speed and agility.   I  walk on to play football first at the junior college in San Diego (Mesa), then walk on at the University of San Diego after 13 years in the Navy.   People at that time thought I was crazy to try and pursue something like college football at my age.   That’s why they are gone and I went on to play and live my dream.

The point of this post is to tell you if you believe you can do it… DO IT!  Don’t let people try to destroy your dreams or let people destroy their own by claiming to be realistic.  Being realistic is a cop out to pursuing dreams trying to avoid failure.  The problem with that way of thinking is that you are 100% guaranteed failure by not even trying.

I set my goals high and constantly strive to be a better human being.   I fail to reach my target a lot.  But aiming high and falling short isn’t always a bad thing.   Chances are that you will have finished way above the average.

You are capable of much more than you and most people think.   If you believe in yourself and your ideas, you can accomplish more than anyone thought was possible.

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JP is a Former Navy SEAL coaching professionals to their highest quality of life through health and mental performance.

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