Endurance – “The the struggle to continue against a mounting desire to stop”

If you are into pushing your limits and or want to learn how to push your boundaries this book gives you insight into how the body and the mind operate.

When I read “Endure” by Alex Hutchinson, I was looking for information on how I can improve my endurance in workouts.   There is a ton of science and research in this book that goes into all the different physical factors that come into play when humans push themselves to their limits.

The mind plays a big role

In the end, you might be surprised that the mind plays a much bigger role in pushing your limits.   You have to go through the pain.   You have to learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.   There is no shortcut to endurance.   No magic pill.

As I read this I thought back to when I was 18/19 years old going through BUD/S training in Coronado.   One specific evolution being HELL WEEK.   If you don’t know what that is, then do a simple google search on  “Navy SEAL hell week” and you will quickly get an idea of how long and painful that evolution is.  That had to be one of my greatest tests of endurance.   I was young, motivated, and was convinced in what I wanted to accomplish.  No matter what happened during that week, I knew and believed I wouldn’t give up.  I have always said that the body will give out long before the mind will.

Recognize and Reframe

One of the parts in the book talks about endurance athletes recognizing the pain and then reframing it within their mind to better manage it.

The body will go where the mind takes it

Yes, there is a point where parts of the body can last longer.   But that is much further out than you might initially think.  The mind can outlast the body if you accept the pain and push deeper and deeper.   There is one example in the book where a man biked himself to death.   He had a goal and wanted to complete that goal at all costs.   Unfortunately, the pursuit of the goal ended up costing him his life.

I have so much respect for the elite athletes that compete in endurance events after reading this book.   Not only that but you can apply this to so many other parts of your life whether it be at work or getting through a project.

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